About Carolina Tailwinds

We had some specific goals when we started Carolina Tailwinds in 2001: to share our love of active touring, to focus on personalized service, and to form long-term relationships with our guests.  It has been very rewarding to see our tour approach validated by our customers through their repeat business and tour evaluations!

We offer the best value in the industry. For starters, our guest to guide ratio (never over 7:1) is unbeatable. Our easy date change/cancellation policies give you peace of mind. More is included in our tours so that you won't be surprised later: almost all meals are included (usually all but one), and we let you order from the menu at dinner, rather that limiting you to one or two choices. Extra activities such as paddling are usually included on each tour, not given as options to discover on your own. If we call a tour a 6-day tour, then there is a guided activity on all 6 days -- we don't charge for "arrival days." As a courtesy, we take photos for you throughout your tour and send you online access after the tour is over. You won't be receiving piles of fancy catalogs from us each year--we keep our overhead low is by growing slowly through client referrals and repeat business. We spend your money on your vacation.

All of our destinations have been selected after long personal experience and research.  We have known them well for many years and are eager to share them with you.  We have selected routes, inns, and dining that reflect the uniqueness of each area we visit.  Each of these important features will leave you with a lasting impression and rewarding memories.

We have grown our destinations slowly over the years.  Some take a season or a few off, then come back improved and better than ever.  Each new trip follows our time tested model -- focusing on great cycling routes, memorable inns, and great food.  We only offer tours that our team can lead -- we do not outsource tours to other companies.