Rental Bikes for Your Bicycle Tour

February 6th, 2018

March, 2020 Update:  All of our carbon Lapierre road bikes are now available for sale.  All have been lovingly maintained and are in proper working order.  If you are interested in learning more or want to take a test ride, shoot us an email at:

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The Brand Name You May Not Know

When discussing bicycles, the name LaPierre may have escaped you. The French bicycle manufacturer was founded in 1946 and family operated until the mid-90’s. Since then, the company has expanded its line to include a wide selection of bicycles, including commuter bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. LaPierre sponsors French professional road cycling teams and professional mountain bike teams. Its bikes are ridden in the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and can be seen on all Carolina Tailwinds’ bicycle tours.


As the road bike fleet, our LaPierre Sensiums are lightweight, carbon fiber road bikes that ensure a smooth bicycle ride. The frame’s ‘endurance’ geometry supports a relaxed riding position, while maintaining the traditional road bike posture. “Short reach” handlebars allow easy access to the drops and excellent control for smooth transitions between hand positions. A 10-speed rear cassette is propelled by a compact crankset, ready for a mutltitude of terrains. It features a slightly narrow wheel base and gives the rider precise handling at all speeds. At under 20 lbs (19.4), the bike is light enough to make the hills less strenuous, but sturdy enough for all the variations in elevation and riding styles.


To accommodate a diversity of rider sizes, our La Pierres are outfitted with adjustable rise stems.  Built with a pivot point, these stems can be raised and lowered to place the handlebars in an ideal position. Combined with bike sizing and adjustable seat placement, the bike is quickly modified to comfortably fit the vast majority of cyclists’ geometries.


In addition to fitting a Sensium to guests of Carolina Tailwinds, we also offer high-end Fuji hybrid bikes. Each bike is outfitted with cyclometers that display current speed and distance traveled, accurately aligning with the route’s cue cards. In addition, we have mounted a red flashing LED light on each bike to maintain maximum visibility on the roads. Beneath the seat is a saddle bag to carry things you may need for the ride. However, there is usually a guide nearby with a van full of supplies!


Since 2014, the Sensium 100 and 200 (women’s specific model) have been available for rent on our tours. During the past three years, the bikes have handled very well and perform to our high expectations. Each brightly colored frame shines, every drivetrain functions with ease, and all the wheels spin with “brand-new” vigor.  The feedback from our riders has been positive, and we are proud to be operating a fleet of LaPierres.