FAQ's about Bike Tours

February 27th, 2018

Do I have to be a strong rider? 

No! Since 2000, we have designed fully-supported cycling vacations that cater to all types of riders.  Whether you average 8 miles per hour or 20, we have a route for you!  Strategically placed van stops can leap frog riders over hills or provide a comforting ride if you're out of steam. From our flat terrain tours to our hilly and mountainous tours, we have the terrain for a perfect vacation for YOU. 

Is everyone going to be much younger than me?

Only if you're 99!  Seriously, we've had a large variety of ages on our tours, from 14 - 92. The majority of our guests are between 35 and 80 with over half of our guests in their 50's and 60's.  Riders come from a number of backgrounds, but all share one commonality - a love of the outdoors.  Typically, a tour's group camaraderie begins upon introduction, and continues to grow through the week regardless of the age range within the group.  On the off chance that you are the oldest (or the youngest) on the tour, the end of the day gatherings become a time to revel in each others' accomplishments or new personal bests! 

Do I have to ride in a paceline?

No. We encourage every guest to "ride at your own pace," and, for safety reasons, we prefer that riders give plenty of space between one another. On a few tours, a guide will lead the group through an area to discuss its historical significance. Those portions of the tour make up a small number of the total miles available on those tours.

Do I have to know how to work on a bike?

No mechanical skill is necessary.  Our rental bikes start each tour clean and freshly tuned up.  On the first day of the tour, your guide will personally work with you to find the proper fit for your bike. If bringing your own bike, we recommend having it tuned up before arriving.  If you encounter a flat or need an adjustment, our guides are always eager to take care of it.

On the tour, what will I need to carry on my bike?

Since we are a fully-supported tour company, we recommend you carry only the bare necessities on your bike (i.e. wallet, phone, camera, light snack, and water). All tour routes are designed with van stops every 10-15 miles. At each stop, riders have access to a variety of snacks, fruit, water and beverages. Larger items or jackets can be conveniently stored in the van in a day bag and accessed throughout the route. You are welcome to carry more on your bike, but taking full advantage of the SAG van will offer a carefree cycling experience.