Climate & Weather

As part of our planning process, we try to schedule our tours to optimize the region’s weather averages.  No matter how hard we try, though, Mother Nature will invariably have something to say about perfect weather all the time.  We strongly recommend that you come to the tour with quality cycling rain gear.

Barring a thunderstorm or major downpour, and as long as road conditions are safe, Carolina Tailwinds does still cycle our planned daily routes.  Our guides keep a close eye on weather radar and will try to wait our passing storms whenever possible.  Keep in mind that if cycling in the rain is not “your thing,”  you may elect to van shuttle ahead or take part in alternate activities in some cases. 

Because many of our destinations are on the east coast, we get a lot of questions about hurricanes.  The good new with these storms is that they are anticipated many days in advance, so there is no chance of getting surprised by one in the middle of tour.  However, there have been a handful of occasions over the years when a hurricane preceded a tour in a region and force us to cancel that date in advance for safety or quality control reasons.  Rest assured this is a rare occurance.  If we are forced to do that all guests on the tour may choose between a full refund or full credit toward another tour.